About Us

We teach the skills you need

We simulate the cyber security workplace so CAPSLOCK graduates can hit the ground running
16 weeks full-time or 26 weeks part-time
Problem-based learning and team-based learning
Designed by employers and education experts
Includes 5 cyber industry certifications
Hands-on experience that simulates the workplace
The CAPSLOCK course & curriculum
The CAPSLOCK curriculum was designed by global employers, leading cyber security professionals, and expert academics. We teach the cyber security skills needed in the workplace today.
Course outline
Learners undertake the course as a Trainee Cyber Security Consultant, working in a small team to solve real hands-on problems with the support of experienced instructors. They work within a fictitious case-study business which simulates the real cyber security workplace.
Weeks 1 -2: Understanding Cyber Security in Business

Learners understand why cyber security exists and where it sits within an organisation. They learn how cyber security is measured, how to help organisations develop effective cyber security culture, and be introduced to threats such as social engineering. In the first 2 weeks, they get to know their team mates and develop the foundations of their cyber security understanding.

Weeks 3-7: Security by Design

We introduce learners to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), and how these concepts underpin the existence of cyber security. They develop their networking fundamentals and begin to consider an organisations security architecture by working on real scenario-based problems.

Weeks 8-11: Applied Security

Now halfway through the course, learners will have developed a good understanding of cyber security principles. Using that knowledge, they begin to work on more complex exercises, such as Endpoint Protection Cloud Security, Digital Forensics, Access Control and other applied security areas too. They will use their new skills from weeks 1-7 in new scenarios to further develop their capability.

Weeks 12 - 14: Offensive & Defensive Security

Learners continue to develop their understanding of the cyber security threat landscape and apply this understanding in the context of penetration testing and defensive security operations. They learn how to apply skills such as reconnaissance, malware analysis, threat intelligence, and log analysis in simulated scenarios.

Weeks 14 - 16: Business Continuity Management

In this final problem area, learners will use their new skills from weeks 1-14 to tackle big picture problems such as incident management & response and strategic business resilience. They will also consider topics such as physical security and industrial control systems.

The cyber skills CAPSLOCK learners learn
When we teach specific skills at CAPSLOCK, it is always in context of how it applies in industry. As learners tackle real cyber problems and scenarios, they will learn about all the individual skills shown below.
Certified and ready to add value
CAPSLOCK learners have the opportunity to gain 5 industry certifications.
Learners also have the opportunity to gain 4 additional industry certs

We consulted with cyber security employers to offer a broad suite of cyber security certifications which give CAPSLOCK graduates breadth of knowledge across all cyber disciplines. We include four external industry certifications alongside our core 'Certified Cyber Security Practitioner' qualification. All certifications are included with the cost of the course.

Learner support
Careers Support

Our dedicated careers team provide one-to-one support to learners and work closely with our employer partners

Professional Coaching

One-to-one sessions with a professional coach whenever it's needed

Pastoral Care

Mental health first-aid certifed staff, one-to-one academic support, and much more

Eligibility Requirements.
We don’t have rigid entry requirements at CAPSLOCK, as we know that your academic past or current situation doesn’t dictate your future potential. No matter your background, if you meet the eligibility criteria below you can apply to enrol at CAPSLOCK.
We ask that you:

Can communicate in English


Can attend and participate in at least 90% of the course

Are open to working with others

Are willing to learn and participate

Hold basic IT literacy skills

Meet the team

Here are some people

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Dr. Andrea Cullen
Personal image of a member from Flow Ninja
Lorna Armitage
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Clare Eastman
Head of Growth
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Gary Billings
Head of Careers
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Anth Ioannides
Admissions Manager
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Jennifer Jackson
Careers Advisor
Pre-screening process
We receive hundreds of applications for every cohort we run. This first step measures an applications passion for cyber, their transferable skills and core details such as residency.
Pre-course Work
After passing the first stage, applicants are asked to complete 20 hours of pre-course work. This includes getting 2,000 points in Immersive Labs to demonstrate IT literacy.
KYC/AML Checks
Alongside finalising their finance for enrollment, applicants go through a due diligence process which includes KYC and AML checks.
Applicants sign off their CAPSLOCK learner agreement and then are onboarded onto their chosen cohort.
The next generation of cyber talent.