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We know that the career transition our learners are making is hugely exciting and can also be a little daunting. That’s why we also provide a wide range of additional support to all CAPSLOCK learners. This includes careers guidance, professional coaching, pastoral care, and industry mentoring.
Careers Support
The CAPSLOCK careers team are on hand to help at every stage of the job search.
Dedicated careers curriculum and sessions
One-to-one careers guidance
Get help with CVs, interview prep, job searching & more
Access to the CAPSLOCK employer network
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Professional Coaching
Access to a qualified professional coach who can help set goals and overcome barriers.
Dedicated coaching curriculum
One-to-one coaching sessions
Support with challenges
Accelerate personal development
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Pastoral Care
The CAPSLOCK learner support team are always available to provide personal support, no matter the issue.
In-class learner support team
Mental Health First Aid team
Slack support outside of live classes
There's always someone to talk to
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Mentoring Programme
Access to an industry mentor and a CAPSLOCK alumni mentor throughout the course.
Each learner is assigned an industry mentor
Insights into what working in cyber is really like
Each learner is assigned an Alumni Mentor
Receive advice from someone who has studied at CAPSLOCK
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Careers Support

Bridging the gap between graduates and employers

Careers curriculum
Live, expert-led lessons on how to land a job in cyber security.
One-to-one support
Unlimited one-to-one sessions with a CAPSLOCK careers coach.
Support at all stages
Get personal support with CVs, interview prep, job applications, networking, and more.
Exclusive access to cyber employers
We connect CAPSLOCK learners and graduates with our employer partner network and advise partners on what talent is available and when.
Continued access after graduation
Our support doesn't stop after they graduate. Once a CAPSLOCK learner, always a CAPSLOCK Alum.
One-to-one support from a qualified coach.
Coaching sessions are available to all learners and offer support to achieve goals, overcome barriers, and boost confidence.
Coaching curriculum
Live, expert-led sessions in-class on topics such as tackling imposter syndrome and developing mindset.
One-to-one coaching
Unlimited one-to-one coaching sessions, including follow-up resources.
Support with challenges
Learners receive bespoke support for challenges they're facing, on the course or in their personal life.
Accelerated personal development
Coaching to set goals, achieve targets, and remove any growth barriers.
Continued access after graduation
Our support doesn't stop after graduation. Once a CAPSLOCK learner, always a CAPSLOCK Alum.
Pastoral Care
Support when they need it.
Our learner support team support with academic studies, help learners cope with stress, and make sure access to the bespoke support is available at any point on the course.
In-class learner support team
Learner support staff are present in the virtual classroom at all times. They're there to offer help and guidance where needed, as well as technical support if necessary.
Mental Health First Aid team
We have a team of qualified mental health first aiders at CAPSLOCK. They are able to provide initial support if someone is experiencing mental health issues, or just needs someone to talk to.
Slack support outside of live classes
Learners can reach out to tutors, support staff, mental health first aiders and mentors on our dedicated Slack workspace.
There's always someone to talk to
Studying with CAPSLOCK is an intense undertaking, and that learners may need a friendly listening ear from time to time. There's always someone to talk to.
Learn from current cyber security professionals.
Industry Mentoring
Learners are paired with an industry mentor and receive insights into the life of a current cyber security professional.
Alumni Mentoring
Learners are paired with a recent graduate who knows exactly what it's like to study at CAPSLOCK.
Guest Speakers
Learners can attend insight talks with some of the most senior professionals in the industry.
Expand your network
Learners can use the mentoring programme to meet potential hiring managers and useful contacts.
The next generation of cyber talent.